Freelance Writing, Editing, and Proofreading


I'm Soren.

Do you need clear, quality, error-free written content, delivered to you in a timely fashion? Whether you have a blog, a book, or other writing, editing, and proofreading needs, I can help.

You have a full-time business and are simply too busy managing one hundred million other things to focus on writing only the best blog content.

You’re an author who can’t wait to get their work published, but worries their writing still isn’t smooth, compelling, and flawless.

You don’t want your writing to look amateurish with poor grammar, but you just weren’t born with the eagle eyes to catch those misplaced commas and typos.

Clear, Engaging Material
Original, High Quality Content
Professional Copyediting
Grammatically Correct Writing
Fact-Checked Research

What You Need

You simply don’t have the words or the time…but I do! Whether it’s having an article rewritten as many times as needed to convey your message, web content that attracts just the right audience, speedy turnaround times to meet your deadlines, grammar and formatting checks for your novel or senior thesis, or even a geeky, millennial voice, you need professional writing and editing, and you need it yesterday.

What I Can Help You With

Don’t let the prospect of writing–or finding someone who can do it for you–make you tear out your hair. I have experience with a wide range of tasks, helping you ultimately take the fear out of freelance work, no matter the project. Learn more

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